History of Psychology

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Academics have always been interested in how the mind works and indeed psychology has existed in one form or another for many years, but other subjects, especially philosophy, have often overshadowed it. Often it was seen as not scientific and philosophical in the sense that there seemed to be no concrete answers within the subject. Now it is one of the most popular subjects to study and has a firm place within the sciences. It …

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…the future of psychology due to the high calibre of students he gave to the field of psychology. `If Wundt founded psychology then James could be said to have brought it alive and to the people. REFERENCES Fancher, R,E. 1996. Pioneers of Psychology.W.W.Norton & Company Ltd, London. Leahey, T,H. 1980. A History of Psychology.Prentice-Hall,Inc,United States of America. Watson, R,I. 1963. The Great Psychologists.J.B.Lippincott Company, Philadelphia & New York.