History of Noahs Ark

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Flood stories have been a common thread in many religions across the globe. One of the stories we are most familiar with in our culture, the story of Noah’s Ark, is a well known segment of the old testament, and an interesting story of how God punished the world for how corrupt it had become. God accomplished this reportedly by flooding the world, and annihilating all the creatures upon it, save for Noah and …

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…The Epic of Gilgamesh, and this was in turn created to help explain the sudden, very real flooding of the Black Sea. Bibliography Bibliography Mestel, Rosie. “Noah’s Flood.” New Scientist. October 1997 Rose, Mark. “Neolithic Noah.” Unknown. January/ February 1999 Gugliotta, Guy. “The Noah’s flood salvage job.” Special to the Star. Unknown date Pritchard, James. “The Epic of Gilgamesh.” Ancient Near Eastern Texts. Princeton, N.J.: Princeton University Press. 1955. “Noah’s Ark.” The Holy Bible