History 1112 notes on vietnam war american involvement US involvment.

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The Vietnam war by numbers *1963-1973/1954-1975 *cost $170 billion *2.8 million vet *Americans killed 58,000 *americans wounded 300,000 *Vietnamese killed 1.5 million *4 million vietnamese refugees (25%) *explosives dropped: double ww2 *area defoliated by agent orange: Massachusetts size *it was the longest war..but no official deceleration of war the origins of the war of in vietnam "Indochina" French are in by 1880's. French colony Part of this til the Versailles. world war 1 and the versailles peace conference (1919) Woodrow Wilson and …

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…Winter soldier investigation, detroit MI(janurary-feburary 1971) This is were some soldiers testify to war crimes court. Forcing the public and governement to take notice. Veterans, the anti-war movement "Spitting" Little evidence that this ever happened. Urban myth. No film evidence of this ever occuring. Anti-war movement thought that veterans were natural allies of there movement since they had experience in this area.. The campus anti-war movement Students for a democratic society (SDS) Port huron statement (1962)