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The biggest and bloodiest war ever fought on the face of the earth, World War II, was coming to a deadly end. The allied forces were starting to run out of options and resources. The United States of America decided to unleash the most destructive force they had, the power of the atom. Many supporters of the Atomic Bomb say that even though it killed thousands in Japan, it saved millions more everywhere else. For …

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…produces silk, rice and wheat. Hiroshima is located on the Honshu Island of Japan (“Hiroshima” 1998). A recent census showed the population of Hiroshima around 1,100,000 people. Hiroshima was founded 456 years ago around a nobleman’s castle (James Chan “Hiroshima” 1997). Even though it was been over 50 years since the atomic bomb was dropped some of the effects still linger. There are some people who will never forget the dreadful day, especially those who lived through the terror.