Hiroshima-the US justification

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Joseph Stalin was "the suJoseph Stalin was "the supreme ruler of the Soviet Union and leader of world communism for almost thirty years." Stalin's leadership in this time of upheaval and change moved a backward and underdeveloped Russia into the forefront of the world stage. He was an economically successful, yet pitiless and tyrannical leader. His plans for the growth of Russian economy and his stand on social, political and military issues propelled Russia forward …

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…speech, freedom of religion, or their right to pursue happiness. How can the success of Stalin as a leader be measured? Undoubtedly he accomplished what everyone in capitalist countries believed impossible, but the lives lost, the horrors, and atrocities, they can not be forgotten. As a leader of a major world power, as a builder of countries Stalin is a sterling example of success. But as a leader of men, Stalin was an utter failure.