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Hippocrates, the central historical figure in Greek medicine, was born in Kos between 470-460 B.C. He was born of an ancestor of Aselepios, the son of Apollo, named Heraklides. He greatened his education by traveling. He traveled often and widely before he settled in Kos to practice and teach medicine. Hippocrates taught in Athens and worked on squaring the circle and also worked on duplicating the cube. He grew far in these areas and …

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…plague, which devastated Athens. The evidence is not to clear on that subject though. In conclusion, Hippocrates was an important person in history. He had many accomplishments during his life time, that lasted until 380-360 B.C. Some of which were: he was regarded the father of medicine, he was an excellent geometer, and he came across the Hippocratic Oath. But although he was very genius, some said he was "stupid and lacking in sense."