Hinduism and Christianity

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Hinduism and Christianity All religions seek the same truth. They all try to help man understand his place in this confusing and often tragic world. Followers search for the answers to life’s questions in the comforts of faith in a particular religion, but how those religions provide for their followers differs greatly from one to another. Christianity and Hinduism come from vastly different traditions. Although these values and traditions seem to be unique to …

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…conclusion that one religion is more correct than the other. I simply hope that the current interest in comparing theologies stays in the mainstream, because I do not see how anything but good can happen from finding details in other traditions that help explain or clarify those in our own. Works Cited Bhagavad-Gita. Translated by Barbara Stoler Miller. Bantam: New York, 1986. Widgery, Alban. G. Living Religions and Modern Thought. Round Table: New York, 1936. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**