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Hinduism Introduction Hinduism was born in India around the year 1500 b.c. It is world wide spread and has millions of followers. The word Hindu is derived from the word sindhu, means Indu river in Sanskrit; but their own definition of their religion is "those who believe in the Vedas" or those who follow the teaching(dharma) of the four classes(varnas) and stages of life (ashrams). Hinduism is a religion that is clearly concerned …

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…a holy river such as the Ganges ) and the yearly offerings to dead ancestors. Conclusion Hinduism is a very important religion, because of it's complexity and it's popularity. This is a religion that looks at every single detail of life, is based on very ancient scriptures: before all religions(except pagan) and can be very modern at then same time. It is very accepted because it suits perfectly the chaotic situation the world is living.