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Hindu Scriptures are classified into: Shruti (meaning "heard"), Smriti (meaning "remembered"), and Nyaya (meaning "logic"). These classifications are based on the origin of the Scripture. Shruti scripture is thought of as something which was heard directly from God, while Smriti scripture refers to what was written down and remembered. Shruti is considered more authoritative since it was obtained straight from God. The Vedas are shruti. The rest of Hindu scripture is known as smriti, except …

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…They are named Rig, Sama, Yajur, and Atharva. The Vedas consist of prayers to the One Divine and the divinities of nature; for example, the Sun, the Rain, the Wind, and the Fire. The Vedas also include prayers for matrimony, progeny (children), prosperity, concord, domestic rites, formulas for magic, and more. They deal with day-to-day necessities as well as spiritual realization. They are written in metrical verse, usually of three to four lines in length.