Hills Like White Elephants

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This story centers on the controversy of abortion in an ambiguous writing style by Ernest Hemingway. First of all, the perspective is not third person omnipresent. The author could not describe the charactersí thoughts. Most of the information in the story was relayed through the dialogue. The charactersí would say little things that would give away hints about their relationship. The man was pointed out as an experienced mature male figure ,he discussed an abortion …

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…him. Second, he does not want her at all except for sex, the girl saw a strong possibility of commitment, romantic ideals, and marriage. The sadness is that these couple will not see the consequence until it too late. In this writing, love is like licorice, which it is bitter. "Hills like White Elephants" must not simply be read, it must be read thoroughly to understand the clue that Ernest Hemingway conveyed to the reader.