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In the 1995 movie, "Higher Learning", John Singleton gives evidence to numerous sociological issues. In which, Singleton emphasizes that our society needs to be re-socialized, so that society as a whole can overlook all of our preconceived stereotypes and norms, and pass judgement on people not based on the color of their skin or beliefs. As such, three major, and five minor sociological issues arise in the film. The major sociological issue is the use of …

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…forcing an apology out of him. The movie, "Higher Learning", is a not-so-subtle movie illustrating numerous sociological issues. John Singleton is trying to show how society's preconceived notions affect the world we live in, and how society at large should 'unlearn'; however, this task is not easily achieved. Only through learning can individuals shed some light on creating a socially responsible society. Unfortunately, there are too many people who would rather live in the dark.