High School Sports: They're NOT That Great

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High School Sports: They're NOT That Great All across the United States, students, both male and female, participate in high school sports. Recently, I have noticed that everyone praises them, the sports, for all they do for the students and the school. All these comments have come from ignorant people who are merely spectators and don't experience them first hand. Sure, they might have been great back in the Stone Age, but they have drastically …

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…high school sports do, create corrupt people. I myself am a high school athlete, and experience both the ups and downs of being one. And when I compare the pros and cons, the bad always seems to outweigh the good. Maybe it's just a bad experience, but to me, sports push people over the edge, create more problems, and lead to favoritism in the class room. So you see, high school sports aren't that great.