Hiding From The Truth

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Hiding From The Truth! In the reading, "The Story of an Hour," many things werenít as they seemed. This is called symbolism. Where one write something and it symbolizes another thing. For example, someoneís blood gets warmer. That wouldnít symbolize them getting hot, it symbolizes them having a warm and happy feeling about something. This shows that things arenít thought of as they are supposed to be. Symbolism also leads to …

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…Hour." Most of the things lead back to hidden truths, symbolism and a very ironic ending. The story is full of examples from each. The story makes people think and use their heads. It is a great example of irony and can be used in some type of example; such as, donít believe everything you hear. The story is full of many different writing devices, the most used would be hidden truths and symbolism.