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Pridi Banomyong Pridi Banomyong was born on May 11, 1900 in Ayudhya, the former capital of Thailand. He was the eldest son of a relatively well to do farming family. Pridi became interested in revolutionaries when he was very young. At the age of 14, he completed his secondary education. Too young to enroll in any institution for higher education, Pridi stayed with his family for an extra two years, helping them in rice farming before darting off …

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…her victories no less renowned than war "  " Every human being is indebted to one another. A man may turn poor through others deeds. A manual weaver may lose his job because of machinery. Wealth, on the other hand, may be reaped without the sweat of one's own labor... therefore, it is right to say that each of us is committed to one another, and collective social assurance is crucial. " Prof.Dr. Pridi Banomyong, Senior Statesman