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Herman Melville, American novelist of the 1800ís wrote various novels that present radical themes. Many of his works reflect his life and his past adventures. In most of his writing it is obvious that he is reflecting on some of his past experiences that he had. In addition he also wrote novels about love and adventure, and used various characters to express his feelings. Many of his novels were based on the time he spent …

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…and adventurous man that will always be remembered in years to come. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography** Baker, Carlos. "Herman Melville." Colliers Encyclopedia. 1998 Ed. Baron, Joan, The American Experience. Engle wood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice Hall 1991 Chase, Richard Major Writers of America Fuller, Edmund Adventures in American Literature Hart, James D. The Oxford Companion to American Literature Kinnick, B. Jo The Readers Encyclopedia Of American Literature Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia, CD-Rom 2000 Ed. Magill, Critical Survey of Poet www.Melville.org