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Sarah Donovan Feb. 25, 2000 Essay # 3.1/ 3b "Herland: An Attack on Women's Oppression" As a prolific writer in the early 1900's often focusing on the "Gender role question," Charlotte Perkins Gilman influenced thousands of women through her witty and often provocative novels and various other works. Throughout her lifetime she became well known for her discussion on women's topics. With her book Herland (among others), she emerged as a spokesperson of such topics as women's portrayal who …

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…Herland, with hope that someday all people will be viewed as equal. Sadly 31b3however, this is a fact the world is still attempting to accept in the new millennium. Bibliography Works Cited "Charlotte Perkins Gilman (1860-1935)". 23 Feb. 2000 http://mightymedia.com/webstock/center/text/webstock12.htm Clapham,Christopher."Charlotte Perkins Gilman--Herland and Her socio-Political Beliefs." 23 Feb. 2000 Gilman, Charlotte Perkins. Herland. Mineola: Dover Publications, Inc., 1998 Nichols, Jolee. "Charolotte Perkins Gilman and Her Work on Feminism." 23 Feb. 2000