Henry v: what qualities made them the greatest hero-king in english history

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In Shakespeare's Henry V, Shakespeare presents what he portrays as the ideal king. Henry is what could be defined as the ultimate hero. The story of Henry V epitomizes England's idea of a good and fair king. Henry even calls his fellow soldiers his "brothers" to further emphasize the importance of a fair and humble king. He sets the precedent for the need for moral values and justifications in all people, especially a ruler of …

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…saw this monarch as an ideal example of the elements of kingship. All his speeches and those of others are faithful in their overall message: that Henry V was a peerless ruler, almost ruthless with his morals and rules, but steadfast in his love for his country. In the end, it can be said that he left no offense unpunished and no friendship unrewarded. All of these qualities epitomize Henry V as the ideal hero-king.