Henrik Ibsen A Biography

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Henrik Ibsen was born at Skien in Norway on March 20, 1828. When he was eight, his father went bankrupt. This event made a deep impression upon him. After they went bankrupt, his family moved to a small farm north of the town where they lived in poverty. Henrik was forced to attend a small local school. He received a substandard education. In 1843, the family returned to town. Unfortunately they were still poor. Ibsen came from a …

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…rich. Ironically, the title of Ibsen's last play was When We Dead Awaken. In 1900, Ibsen suffered a stroke. He never completely recovered from his stroke and was an invalid for the rest of his life. Despite his medical setback, he was a fighter until the end. When he was coming out of a coma in 1906, the nurse commented that he appeared slightly better. Ibsen replied "On the contrary!" Sadly, he died a few days later.