Henchard's Downfall

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Can it be said that Henchard’s downfall is all due to ‘some great error?’ Some may believe that it is a penance for selling Susan, but this would be to take Newson out of the equation, who, it must be said, is just as guilty of this act as Henchard. I believe that Henchard is totally blameless for his downfall, to use a bad pun that will become apparent later, it is in his …

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…a period of history has died with him. After reading “The Mayor of Casterbridge” I felt filled with a sense of insecurity about the future, it worried me that because things happen, more often than not to strangers, they would never happen to me. However, in reading this book I became attached to Henchard and seeing him die as he did pushed home the fact that while things just happen, they will happen to anyone.