Hemmingway's short stories

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Ernest Hemingway was a very talented writer of short stories. He is even thought by many to be better at writing short stories than at writing his novels. He portrays the philosophy of existentialism. A philosophy that is centered upon the analysis of existence and of the way man finds himself existing in the world. He combines this with a code that Hemingway expects his characters to adhere to. They are, a person must be …

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…the old man) tried to commit suicide" (Hemingway 379) In conclusion, Ernest Hemingway put a lot of thought into his short stories. So you can learn a lot about Hemingway himself by reading his stories. Like, outlined in this essay, the code Hemingway tries to live by. The way that Hemingway puts so much of himself into his short stories is why he is thought to be among the greatest short story writers of all time.