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Georg Wihelm Friedrich Hegel 1770- 1831 German Idealist Hegel was born in Stuttgart on August 27, 1770, which is now part of Germany. Hegel was the son of a revenue officer with the civil service. He studied the Greek and Roman classics while attending the Stuttgart preparatory school. His father wanted and encouraged him to join the clergy, however while attending a university seminar Hegel became friends with the poet H lderlin and the philosopher Friedrich von Schelling. …

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…show the end or purpose of the absolute. Now the Science of Logic is the system of concept of reason, which together describe reality. Basically it describe the object for the viewpoint of the subject with out mentioning the subject. Hegelís great contribution to philosophy was his attempt to develop a philosophical system that would capture the ideals of his predecessors to create a system in which the past and future could be understood.