Hectors Death

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Hector's Death Hector, the great and mighty warrior, found himself not leading a charge this time You have not mentioned any previous time for this to reference to., but hiding for his life. The swift runner, Achilles, is Do not change verb tense in your narration. This verb is present tense, but "found" is past tense. out to get him like a lion after an outcast lamb good image. Achilles' god-like rage burns as fire …

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…gold. Please spare my body and give it to them!" But Achilles' heart turns as cold and cut hard as his shield, "Don't plead anymore, thinking you can beg by your parents." Hector's helmet flashing, struggling with all his might to say, "I see my death coming and your fate too. Paris and Apollo will destroy you at the Scean Gates!".......His eyes close and his spirit leaves his body to go to another world.