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Tsedaqah- Righteousness The Hebrew word for righteousness is Tsedaqah.Tsedaqah is a noun in the feminine form; the masculine form of the word is tsedeq. To most scholars, the words are interchangeable. However, A. Jepsen contends that tsedeq means, “right order” and that tsedaqah is the idea of “human well being” or “right behavior.” Since it more often used interchangeably, that is how it is taken in this paper. However, the passages that were taken …

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…not from actions. Actions are just the outward evidence of thoughts on the inside. God created us with the will to do right, we are the ones that choose to ignore this prompting of the heart that turns us from righteousness to unrighteousness. When we sin, we break the relationship we have with our creator. We turn from him. He remains constant and righteous. He honors the covenant always, even when His people do not.