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Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness relates to the reader through several narrational voices, the story of the Englishman Marlow traveling physically up an unnamed river in the wilderness of the Belgium Congo, and psychologically as a journey into one’s self. The frame narrator is an Englishman upon the ‘Nellie’, a yawl on the river Thames, who relates the story as told to him by the separate narrator Marlow. Through the frame narrator, Conrad …

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…reader receives from Marlow and the frame narrator Conrad is able to interrogate the theme of corruption and economic motivations behind colonial praxis. It is, however, unconsciously, also made clear that this text, its narrator and its author are products of their time and ideology, as it consistently represents the characters and situations in racist and patriarchal terms, so that the reader is also aware of the Eurocentric and ethnocentric themes running through the novella.