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In this paper I will show the effect the “Heart of Darkness” had on Kurtz in the stages prior to, the Kurtz in transition, and at the end of his journey. The Kurtz prior to his journey was a man with a noble heart. We learn about Kurtz prior to his journey by listening to the conversations Marlow has when he returns from Africa. Marlow talked with Kurtz’ cousin, an old colleague, and his Intended. …

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…a full awareness of himself, and from there he makes his affirmation about all mankind. The old doctor knew what was happening. He commented, “It would be interesting for science to watch the mental changes of individuals, on the spot” (148). All that remains is a memory now, a memory of his promise, his greatness, his generous mind, and of his noble heart. He was a man with plans, but his words and example shall survive.