"He had glimpsed the legs of a savage coming toward him..."(p.191): this essay is about how Ralph changes over the course of Golding's Lord of the Flies.

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"He had glimpsed the legs of a savage coming toward him..."(p.191) People have the tendency to act differently when in different situations with different people. Their actions can reflect their environment, responsibilities, or the people around them. This idea is supported by William Golding's character Ralph in Lord of the Flies. Ralph started as an effective leader, and when some of his tribe turned into savages, he remained the voice of reason. By the …

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…He stabbed another tribesman, "screaming, snarly, bloody"(p.199). He had finally turned into one of them. During the course of the novel, Ralph went from being the clear, level- headed voice of reason, to being a brutal savage. He was no better than the beast, than the Lord of the Flies itself. Golding is trying to show what effects the influence of one "bad egg", Jack, can have on even the purest of hearts, Ralph.