Hay well's Syndrome Report

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Hay well's Syndrome Report Other names for Hay Wells Syndrome are: AEC Syndrome, Ankyloblepharon-Ectodermal Defects-Cleft Lip/Palate, and Hay-Wells Syndrome of Ectodermal Dysplasia. Hay-Well's Syndrome is one of a group of rare genetic skin disorders known as the Ectodermal Dysplasias. Hay-Well's Syndrome is inherited as a autosomal dominant trait. Heterozygous mutations in the p63 gene are the major cause of EEC syndrome (ectrodactyly-ectodermal dysplasia-cleft lip/palate). Linked studies suggest that the related LMS (limb-mammary syndrome) …

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…the United States, Canada and Great Britain. The risk of transmitting the disorder from affected parent to offspring is 50 percent for each pregnancy regardless of the sex of the resulting child. Symptoms of Hay Wells Syndrome would be: Cleft lip and/or palate, Fusion of one or both eyelids together , Absent or defective nails ,Coarse, sparse or wiry hair, Recurrent scalp infections, or chronic scalp erosions Diminished ability to sweat , Widely spaced, or cone-shaped teeth