Hawthorne effects on factory workers

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Hawthorne experiments were conducted at the Hawthorne (Illinois) plant of the Western Electric Company to determined the psychological factors, components of the job and work satisfaction on the employees. The experiments identified the factors that will help me to manage the operating employee of the factory. The Hawthorne experiments were divided into three phrases and there were 4 experiments conducted within this purpose. The first phrase was the test room studies where there were two experiments …

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…my subordinates. Knowing why the employees act in the manner they do and motivate them via psychology, social and other factors are one of my priority in managing the operating employees. In short, Hawthorne experiments put a great emphasis in indicate the importance of human relationís movement, which would be very useful for me in managing the factory operating employees. Reference: 1, Miss Su notes (week 2 lesson 3) 2,Modern business administration-sixth edition by Robert C Appleby