Having a Child While Still a Child

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Having a child while still a child On May 1, 1997, 17 year old Audrey Iacona unexpectedly gave birth to her son in the basement of her parents' home (Lipowski). Audrey swears that she never knew that she was pregnant. Periods came regularly and morning sickness and weight gain never appeared until Audrey stayed home from school with an "upset stomach." Feeling better around lunchtime, Audrey decided to raid the freezer for some food in the basement. As …

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…aspects to a teenager's life, just like Audrey Iacona. Bibliography Works Cited "Audrey's Baby." 20/20. ABC. WSIL, Marion. 13 Oct. 1999 Laskas, Jeanne Marie. "Someone to Love." Good Housekeeping Aug. 1996: 67. Lipowski, Melissa. "Audrey Iacona: murderer or frightened teenager" Sun Newspaper 12 February 1998. On-line. Internet. 15 October 1999. Available WWW: http://www.sunnews.com/news/suburbs/medina/1998/iaconatrial.htm "March of Dimes: Teen Pregnancy" October 1997: On-line. Internet. 21 Oct. 1999 Available WWW: http://www.noah.cuny.edu/pregnancy…_dimes/pre_preg.plan/teenfact.html