Harriet Tubman

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HARRIET TUBMAN Harriet Tubman was an escaped slave. She helped so many of her black people that she became known as "Moses of Her People." During the civil war she served the union army as a nurse, spy, cook, and scout. She was also conductor on the Underground Railroad. She was a very heroic woman. Harriet Tubman was born on plantation near Bucktown about 1820. She was one of eleven children of a slave couple. At …

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…and clubs. By December 1850 she had saved up enough money to make the first of her nineteen daring journeys back into the south. She went back the lead other slaves out of bondage. In 1851 she returned for her husband to find that he had remarried. Bibliography BIBLIOGRAPHY Harriet Tubman: Comptons Encyclopedia (http://comptonsv3.web.aol.com) (2000) Harriet Tubman: Hutchinson Encyclopedia (http://ukab.web.aol.com) (2000) Harriet Tubman: Encarta Online Concise (http://www.encarta.msn.com) (2000)