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The Indus Valley civilization flourished around the year 2500B.C., in the western part of southern Asia, in what is now Pakistan and western India. In addition it is referred to as the Harappan Civilization after the first city that was discovered, Harappa. Eventually, the Harappan Civilization completely vanished around 1500B.C. Men and women used to wear colorful robes. Women wore lots of jewelry and even lipstick. In addition women would wear bracelets like …

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…it for drinking water! Even though we didnít think these people had a language people are beginning to understand word for word and think that the Harappans had a common language. Also, all over India people are finding a picture of a unicorn that look exactly the same as the other one and donít know what it if for. My question is where did these people come from, and where did they go?