Hans Gugleot.

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Hans Gugelot was born in 1920 in Indonesia where he attended primary school in Laren and Hilversum. Hans moved to Switzerland and graduated secondary school in 1940 with A grades. Then he took up studies in Lausanne (school of engineering), and continued to study at the ETH Zurich, Department I for Architecture. He graduated in the winter term of 1945/46. Hans Gugelot was a pioneer in the design world. He changed this world forever: "In about only ten …

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…a fascinating designer. Anyone with any interest in design should do some research on this man because he is amazing. So much can be learned from him. There is so much to tell and so little room. "An engineer and a designer with a high sensitivity for what was genuine, an ideal mixture." (Eichler) References: 1. Fritz Eichler, Design Example: Braun AG 2. Modern and exemplary - Hans Gugelot 1920-1965 By Mahoko Hoffmann, for DESIGN NEWS, January 2002