Handmaid's tale

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Does the women of Gilead know that they are being controlled? Are the women of Gilead aware that they are being controlled by the society? In Margaret Atwood¡¯s The Handmaid¡¯s Tale, the theme of control is a very important factor of the book. In the story, at the Republic of Gilead, the women are being controlled by the society to do what the society wants them to do. The handmaids are brainwashed before …

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…it back. It happened so gradually over a long period of time that she can¡¯t change it. And she is even used to it in a way that she wants to believe what the news tells her. The rest of the women in Gilead probably feels the same. Some of them might not know that they are being brainwashed, but they are being brainwashed and used by the society to the society¡¯s needs.