Han dynasty

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The Han dynasty (202 BC - AD 220) reunited the China after the Qin dynasty fell apart. The Han ruled China for forty years, which was divided into two periods: the earlier period Western Han and the later period Easter Han. Gaozu, who was the first king of the Han dynasty, was a minor official in Qin dynasty. He became a leader of a small group of soldiers and acquired territories. Overtime, his army expanded to large …

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…to be a ruler is difficult; to be a minister is not easy.¡¦¡¨ (Confucian Teaching. P. 21.) A wise king still needed good and loyal ministers, who were like a bridge between the king and citizens, to help him. Being a good minister had to be a gentleman, have humanity and be loyal to the king. The Han minister should have a credit for Han became one of most successful and outstanding dynasty in Chinese history.