Hamlet's Verse

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In William Shakespeare's entire play collection, soliloquies are one of the most important elements of literature that are used. In most of his plays, Shakespeare uses soliloquies to convey what course of action the character is going to take or to review what has already happened. In Hamlet, soliloquies take on a different purpose; they are mostly used by Hamlet. The most important soliloquies are by Hamlet. The soliloquies are our main insight into Hamlets …

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…they also show the differences between Hamlet when he is himself and when he is acting to fool the other characters. When Hamlet is speaking to other characters, he is in pretending to act crazy. However, during Hamlet's soliloquies he shows his true feelings and his real personality is shown to the audience. "O, what a rogue and peasant slave am I!" in act two scene two displays hamlet's inner conflict and his true personality.