Hamlet's To Be Or Not To Be

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To be or Not to be To be or not to be, that is the question. Hamlet is eager to escape a life of calamity and disaster. He sees his life as a terrible burden, something he yearns to escape. The problem, however, is that death brings one into territory uncharted by t se still alive. It is not death that he fears for he perceives death as a release; the problem is death through …

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…has the potential to be worse. Hamlet rejects death but welcomes spiritual relief provided by sleep. Hamlet has a very pessimistic viw on life. He is quick nd eager to point out the negative aspects of his walk on this earth, conveniently leaving out the joyous moments. Perhaps, if he searched for the happy times of his past, he would not ask the question To be or not to be; hed have the answer.