Hamlet's Antic Disposition

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William Shakespeare's Hamlet: "The Antic Disposition." It could easily be concluded that the prime thematic idea behind Hamlet is revenge, and it would not be a difficult task to prove. A greater question would be in regards to Hamlet's "Antic Disposition," which ultimately preceded his revenge plot. What is the nature of this "Antic Disposition" and what role did it play in Hamlet's plan for revenge? Did having an "Antic Disposition" mean that Hamlet was …

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…by God (poison), as the Ghost foretold it. There is a certain measure of manifest destiny, running parallels with many of Shakespeare's tragedies, wherein protagonists' and antagonists' fates were decided by ethereal, non-participating characters (I.e., the Witches in Macbeth). In the end, Hamlet died with the nobility of defending his father's character, and setting wrongs right, proving those wrong that initially slandered him with accusations of hedonism and poor character fit for a prince.