Hamlet vs Laertes

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Hamlet vs Laertes Both Laertes and Hamlet both have similar and unique personality traits. These two characters are essential parts to the structure and theme of this play. Laertes tends to be possibly, in my opinion, an earlier version of Hamlet. Laertes has a positive outlook on life and seems to make the best of his life. Hamlet on the other hand looks at life only for its negative qualities and it almost seems that …

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…is a younger version of Hamlet because Hamlet most likely had a positive outlook on life and was happy in his family before all this tragedy entered his life. All in all, Laertesí role in this play is to bring down Hamletís role as the hero, and to exemplify his negative characteristics. Hamletís main role in this play is, to continuously challenge and question the reality of things vs the appearance of them.