Hamlet Father and Sons

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Hamlet was a man that looked up to his father throughout his life, during and after his father's death. The younger Hamlet tried to follow in his father's footsteps, but as much as they were alike, they were very much different. The man named Hamlet had a son named Hamlet and after everything was over, that is one of the few things that they had in common. Although they may exhibit some similar traits, all …

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…his mother and stepfather was dead. Hamlet did this act in V, 11, 312, "Give me the cup: let go, by heaven, I'll ha't." Hamlet and his father led different lives, with some comparisons to themselves. They both ended up together dead. This was the ultimate trait that they have in common. As a father- son pair, Hamlet and his father are dark strange characters, and since this was a tragedy this couldn’t possibly end well.