Hamlet Soliloquy Essay: This essay describes William Shakespeares Hamlet soliloquies.

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Hamlet Soliloquy Essay Shakespeare's Hamlet revolves around the complex character, Hamlet, and his duty to take revenge for his father's murder. This leads Hamlet, a philosopher not a killer, to search deep within himself for the solution to his plight. Shakespeare utilizes soliloquies in order to show the audience the true feelings of Hamlet. His lengthy soliloquies put forth the raw emotions and thoughts of Hamlet, allowing the audience to further understand his character. Each …

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…of his inaction is due to his conscience. Although each soliloquy takes a slightly different approach to Hamlet's problem, Hamlet's essence and character never changes throughout the speeches. Hamlet's character has been able to connect to the audience no matter what generation. "Hamlet's appeal to audiences almost certainly stems from his many human weaknesses." (Safer 1) Shakespeare created a character that could stand the test of time as the classic tragic hero filled with inner turmoil.