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What are the internal and external conflicts that Hamlet faced? The 3 numbers in the parentheses represent what act, scene, and page the quote was in. For example (I,2,135) would mean that the quote would be located in Act 1, section 2, on page 135. I don't know if improvements are needed, but if you can improve it, then go for it. Now for the Essay: Hamlet Many different responses of internal and external conflicts are reflected in much …

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…one. He never thought that his plan would end up in such of a tragic flaw.         Hamlet's actions to the conflicts around and inside of him shows how complicated and true his character is. He dealts with the death of his father, knowing that his uncle killed his father, and that he must kill his own relative (uncle). In a many stories, as well as Hamlet, different responses to external and internal conflict are shown.