"HUMAN FACTORS IN AVIATION MAINTENANCE" The purpose of this study was to find how human factors in aviation maintenance affect the aircraft.

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There are millions of people flying on several aircraft every year, from small Cessna aircraft to the very large jumbo airliners, most of them thinking they're putting their life in the hand of the pilots. What they don't realize is that their lives along with the pilots are also put in the hands of the individuals behind the scene. Yes, we're talking about the maintenance crew that inspect, service, and perform routine and/or major …

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…slowing down to ensure the job is done right the first time. Following repair manuals is the law and everyone who doesn't use them should be held accountable for their own mistakes. Training will always be a large contributor to accidents caused by maintenance personnel. Supervisors must ensure that their technicians are capable of properly completing all assigned task by using and understanding the repair manuals prior to letting them out there on their own.