HOW TO Buy a Computer (A HOW TO Essay)

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HOW TO BUY A NEW COMPUTER Before buying a home computer, the smart shopper must first assess their computer wants and needs, do some basic research and finally, comparison-shop for the best price. First, determine how you will use the new computer system. Will you be buying it primarily for gaming and personal use, or using it as a home-based business system? The fact is, the average home user who needs a general purpose PC (…

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…don’t feel knowledgeable enough to handle the solution over the phone with a ‘whole-sale’ hotline representative. If you are well informed about a computers basic terminology and understand the options, you can make an intelligent purchase that will work for you without being oversold on configurations you may never use. With a little research and investment of time you can save hundreds, or even thousands of dollars when considering a new computer system purchase.