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Michael Bowen-Artist Michael Bowen was instrumental in many of the key developments in the Haight-Ashbury. He helped Allan Cohen turn his dream of a “rainbow-colored newspaper” into reality, contributing art, obtaining funding, and even turning his apartment over to The Oracle for office use. Michael, along with the Oracle, organized the “Love Pageant Rally”, which was held to protest the outlawing of LSD on October 6, 1966. Surprised at the larger than expected turnout, he and others …

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…numerous hogs, traveled the country during the sixties to protest the war and focus attention on poverty. The hog farmers pulled into Woodstock in August 1969, running the kitchen and providing medical aid while Wavy served as master of ceremonies for the historic event. Today, Wavy is active in Seva, which provides medical aid to those in need here and abroad, and in Camp Winnarainbow, which teaches circus and performance arts to children of all backgrounds.