Gun control - Seven Days: Is it Enough Time?

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Seven Days: Is it Enough Time? In 1981 President Ronald Reagan was the target of an attempted assassination, which instead hit the press secretary, James Brady, who is now an invalid because of the bullet that entered his head that day. After this tragedy happened, more legislation on gun control came to congress than had ever been attempted before. Among the most publicized of these was the Brady Bill, known by its full name of The …

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…September 26, 1988 issue of Time, the magazine quoted Representative Henry Hyde from Illinois, Representative Hyde stated, 'If we made it a little more difficult for someone who is angry to kill, maybe we would save some lives.' I appreciated Rep. Hyde's comments, and fully agree with all that he says. The Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act is not the cure all , but it certainly is a great start to some really restrictive gun control legislation.