Gullibility Vs Hypocrisy

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In Flannery O’Connors’s “The Life You Save May Be Your Own,” “Good Country People,” and “A Good Man Is Hard To Find,” she explores the consequences of the combination of hypocrisy, gullibility in social contacts, and the role of being raised at mother’s knee. Reared a strict Roman Catholic and writing in the Bible Belt South O’Connor encountered those character flaws first hand. The repetitive hypocrisy displayed in these three short …

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…three stories, suggesting a stereotype of this type of man. Through O’Connor’s writings it is very apparent that she has issues with the men in her life and in turn affects general men that were raised at their mother’s knee being read the bible as hypocrites and the women who encounter these men as gullible. She shows how this combination of hypocrisy and gullibility can affect the most average of southern families.