Guitar Pickups By, Ernesto Sanchez A complete guide to the anatomy history invention and impact f guitar pickups.Includes Bibliography.

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Guitar Pickups The electric guitar is part of the reason why pop music is what it is today. The electric guitar would be a useless hunk of materials without one thing; the guitar pickup.First a pickup is technically called a transducer. According to Encarta online, a transducer is "(a) device that converts energy: a device that transforms one type of energy into another, for example, a microphone, a photoelectric cell, or an automobile horn". …

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…that have yet to be discovered. Although the road may be heavy metal and dark I think the electric guitar has a very promising future. BIBLIOGRAPHY Book: Daniels, Richard The Heavy Guitar Bible: New York, Cherry Lane Music Co.,Inc, 1979 Websites: Seymour; Seymour Duncan 2001 Interviews: Tim Maytas…Guitar Gallery Sally Vesco…Vesco's accordion and guitar Center. Chris Cleary…Hollowood music and sound Magazine: Bruck, Matt Guitar World: October New York, Harris publications., Inc,1999