Guilt, Duty, and Unrequited Love Deconstructing the Love Triangles in Jude the Obscure and The Dead

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Guilt, Duty, and Unrequited Love: Deconstructing the Love Triangles in James Joyceís The Dead and Thomas Hardyís Jude the Obscure ďItís no problem of mine but itís a problem I fight, living a life that I canít leave behind. But thereís no sense in telling me, the wisdom of the cruel words that you speak. But thatís the way that it goes and nobody knows, while everyday my …

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…is not always a happy ending. As for Gabriel and Gretaís relationship, if Greta had not told of Michael, Gabrielís evening may have ended much differently. He would most likely have satisfied his lust, yet the novel would lack the epiphany Gretaís confession causes him to have. The components of guilt, duty, and unrequited love, though not universal traits, do well to maintain the complexity and efficacy of these particular love triangles.