'Growth of Slavery' social, economical, and geographical reasons that slavery grew in the united states.

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Slavery has been a problem (unless you are pro-slavery) since the beginning of time. So why should the American colonies be any different? Well they weren't. Slavery was introduced into the new world in 1606, and it grew rapidly in the south until the time of the revolutionary war in 1775. There were many reasons people would say that it grew but the biggest reasons can be put into three categories, they are: social, economic, and geographical. …

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…of slavery. Social, Economic, and Geographical factors are vague and involve a lot of things, but they are the main reasons that slavery grew as much as it did. Since people thought that it was okay, and it was so profitable, why not do it? Especially since it was so convenient right in the middle of everything. Basically the time was right and the conditions were set for slavery to grow at an incredible rate.