Growth Through Oppression

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In Richard Wright's autobiographical novel, Black Boy, the south is depicted as a bleak place where Wright is exposed to constant oppression and suffering. Critics have said that Wright's depiction of the south is unrealistic, and impossible. Although Wright's dark interpritation of the south may seem unbelievable, it is much closer to the truth than many critics believe. Richard had to endure and struggle against oppression, huger, and unimaginable misfortune during his life, but through …

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…was a child, I could no longer feel as a child, could no longer react as a child." (86). The independence and strength that came from these tragedies would later aid Wright in developing spiritually, socially, and psychologically. One of the more powerful factors in Wrights life was the constant oppression that he experienced from both blacks and whites. As a child Wright was oppressed by an abusive family who did not understand him. Wright's f